Cauliflower: Making text analytics affordable

Company Spotlight – Cauliflower


Bringing impact to the customers’ voice. Cauliflower is the platform for the automated classification of comments.

Key Features of

1. Gain a deeper understanding Out of the box, Cauliflower automatically identifies the most important topics, their associations, and the sentiment of your text data and visualises them in an interactive, intuitive dashboard.

2. Reduce mandatory setup work Cauliflower uses a unique unsupervised approach to save you time and money. No extensive setup is required on your part, no industry or case specific training data necessary.

3. Evaluate first, customize later Take advantage of the effortless setup and instead invest your time in making the analysis and visualization work best for your business and your specific use case.

Video – ANNOTATION OF NLP DATA – How to Ensure Your Specifications Lead to Quality Delivery

Team German Startup Founders

Gianluca-Daniele Speranza, Co-Founder and Technological Lead

Lukas Waidelich, Founder and Managing Director




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