– Experience with our first remote jobs Startup

I have always loved Remote jobs and had tried applying for jobs in several remote companies. To be honest, I wasn’t lucky in getting a job in any of these remote companies but I loved remote jobs and wanted to keep track of the remote work culture.

I was facing some issues in my career when I realized it’s good to launch an exclusive job board for remote jobs. Within few days, I launched

The beginning was tough as no remote companies wanted to do paid job postings with us but we believed in our vision of making SaiRemoteJobs an amazing platform for remote workers to find the best remote jobs.

I was working alone on the job board when I got an email from a girl who just completed her graduation in Engineering. Soon, she Akhila joined our team and now, we are working on posting remote jobs regularly.

We will continue to share our experience about how we built our remote jobs portal startup in this blog.

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